The Setting

The tranquil and intriguing spirit this natural bridal setting embodies can best be assigned the term “enchanted-forest”, thereby inspiring the collection title of “forêt”, the French word for “forest”. This captivating wedding was staged on the bucolic grounds of a luxurious historic inn, located in the quintessential New England town of Manchester, Vermont, a place of sentimental significance to the bride and groom. It seemed only fitting that this special occasion be held at this enduring location where the couple was engaged one year prior. In early January, under a blanket of fresh-fallen snow, the lavish gardens, statuary, and enormous evergreens served a more eloquent purpose. They offered, in essence, the epitome of a pristine white canvas upon which to design this unique eventscape. The enchanted-forest/gothic-infused aesthetic showcased in this collection suggests a seductive sensuality with bold undertones. Visually it depicts an edgy and sophisticated “Red Riding Hood-esque” ambiance. Conceptually, it is meant to emphasize a harmony between humans, animals, and nature, as well as speak to the sanctity of life. Nestled in a far-off nook within this crystalline paradise, accessed via a snow-covered, burgundy rose petal-strewn pathway, stood a secluded woodland sanctuary created solely for the bride and groom’s pleasure. The intimate vignette, set before a wall of fire logs, served as the designation for the couple’s private welcome dinner, designed upon an antiquarian hand-carved dining table, accentuated with a platinum iridescent-crush table runner, mercury glass accoutrements, and ruby glass goblets. A fusion of burgundy blooms… roses, mini purpleberry calla lilies, scabiosa, anemone, and a montage of variegated evergreens fashioned the centerpiece.


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