Henry James once said

“Paris is the greatest temple ever built to material joys and the lust of the eyes”. While the opulent aesthetics and exquisite detail surrounding this surreal wedding setting may resemble a masterfully painted trompe-l’oeil mural, rest assured the glamorous locations and artifacts staged for this Parisian/France shoot are completely authentic and utterly swoon-worthy. It is no secret that the arts flourish in France. Style alchemists, tastemakers, designers, and artists, have long drawn inspiration from the abundance of natural beauty emanating from every imaginable corner of the country. The arts flourish here… the refined culture, rich heritage, stunning landscapes, architectural masterpieces, renowned museums, legendary landmarks, imposing castles, grand cathedrals, formal gardens, prominent galleries, exotic boutiques, couture design houses, and unrivaled restaurants, are each independently enthralling. Steeped in history and notoriously romantic, Paris, per se, prevails in showcasing notable cultural attractions, a luxuriant lifestyle, and refined eccentricities that truly enchant and contribute to its global status as a premier destination. A designer need not embellish to extremes in this heavenly place, as nature’s beauty, and man’s masterpieces combine to form postcard-perfect vignettes ideal for photography.


The Invitation

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